Good Neighbor Seafood Co.

Mushroom Risotto Shrimp Bowl

Crunchy, creamy — absolutely delish!

10 oz. microwavable Mushroom Risotto shrimp bowl by Good Neighbor Seafood Co. — Gluten free
10 oz. microwavable MUSHROOM RISOTTO Shrimp Bowl by Good Neighbor Seafood Co. — Gluten Free

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Mushroom Risotto

Crunchy, creamy — absolutely delish!

Did you know that the soybean “edamame” is a complete protein, rich in essential amino acids? With its incredible health benefits, edamame are known as “superfood.”

In our gluten-free Mushroom Risotto Shrimp Bowl, edamame and button mushrooms meet sweet savory shrimp in a creamy marsala-style fusion sauce. It’s sheer heaven!

320 CALORIES  I  16g PROTEIN per serving

Contains: Milk, Shrimp, Soy.

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