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CRISTOBAL® Brand Boned Salted Codfish
Salt Cod Provencal
Enjoy our Atlantic Salmon grilled!
Enjoy one of our gourmet shrimp burgers!
Good Neighbor Seafood Co. gourmet shrimp bowls — Oh so good!!
CRISTOBAL® Brand Boned Salted Codfish
Enjoy our Atlantic Salmon grilled!
Enjoy one of our gourmet shrimp burgers!
Good Neighbor Seafood Co. gourmet shrimp bowls — Oh so good!!
Yes, our gourmet shrimp burgers and bowls are the new kids on the seafood block — but not our company!

For the past 50 years, we have met the discriminating needs — and tastes — of some of the top restaurateurs and seafood grocers in the world. From salting cod following the traditional Gaspe Coast technique to grilled salmon on cedar planks, our long history in seafood is a part of every product we offer.

Our mission at Good Neighbor Seafood Co. is simple: Earn your trust and business with innovative new seafood products that offer real value — and always guarantee they are easy to prepare, delicious, and nutritious!

We love great seafood, and know you do too.


Wholesome fresh ingredients

All Good Neighbor Gourmet Shrimp Bowls and Gourmet Shrimp Burgers start with sustainably sourced shrimp, which are packed with lots of protein, antioxidants, Omega 3, selenium, Vitamin B12, iron and much more — so good for brain and heart health. We then combine whole farm-fresh ingredients with just the right amount of spice to bring out the natural goodness of our sweet, tender shrimp.

Premium shrimp from sustainably sourced fisheries
Chef-inspired — our premium gourmet shrimp bowls are Delicious!
Wholesome farm-fresh ingredients
Premium Shrimp + Fresh Ingredients = Honestly Good

Sustainably sourced seafood

Every shrimp we pack into our bowls and burgers is BAP certified* from farm-raised fisheries, your guarantee that they meet strict quality, safety and sustainability requirements. That’s good for you and the planet too!


So you can prepare meals in no time

Four gourmet shrimp bowls — Microwave ready in under 5 minutes!

Too busy to prepare a delicious, nutritious meal? Let us step in and help. Our shrimp bowls go from freezer to microwave to table in just five minutes.

Microwave ready in 5 minutes!


Because we care about our communities

Like any good neighbor, Good Neighbor Seafood Co. is always willing to lend a hand. For more than 50 years, we’ve been part of the New England community, providing seafood to local food banks.

Community causes we care about.
Good Neighbor Seafood — Make every day seafood-delicious!
Good Neighbor Seafood Co.

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